Power Generation Solutions

Tool-Smith excels in meeting the tool and equipment needs of the southeast’s power companies. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has trusted ToolSmith for over 35 years as its primary supplier of power tools and equipment. Tool-Smith also suppliest the entities of the Southern Company, including Alabama Power, Mississippi Power, Gulf Power and Southern Nuclear.


  • Before an outage, plants have to make sure they have the right tools and equipment to get through the outage. We stock over $6 million dollars of products specifically tailored to the needs of the power generation markets.
  • During outages plants often find they temporarily need more equipment than they have on hand. Tool-Smith houses an extensive rental fleet to cater to these immediate needs.
  • Tool-Smith offers products customized for the power generation industry such as:
    • Power Distribution Centers
    • 4-Pack Welders
    • Water-Fall Winches
    • Sky-Climbers
    • Minuteman H.E.P.A. Vacuums
    • Enerpac 4 Point Lifts
    • Air Bags
  • Outages take their toll on equipment. Tool-Smith’s service centers employ over 20 technicians in four locations working to maintain tools and hoists.
  • Hectic outages require utmost safety. OSHA requires hoists to be tested and inspected once a year to ensure workers’ safety. Tool-Smith provides several testing options, including load testing.

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