Transducerized DC Electric Assembly Tools

Tool-Smith lab calibrates Tranducerized DC Electric tools with up to 1000 Newton-Meter capacity. Upon request we can make arrangements to come to your facility and do multiple calibrations at your site. Our equipment is all traceable to NIST standards. In addition we can help train your team and provide the equipment to calibrate your own tools.

Hydraulic Bolting Tools

Tool-Smith calibrates Hydraulic Torque Wrenches with a range of up to 20,000 Foot-Pounds. Our calibration equipment can accomodate square drive as well as cartridge style wrenches from any manufacturer, as well pistol style torque multipliers.

Handheld Mechanical Torque Wrenches

Tool-Smith Calibrates Handheld Mechanical Wreches in a variety of styles including Click Wrenches, Cam-Over and Break-Over Wrenches, and Dial Wrenches.

Hoist and Winch Load Testing

Tool-Smith has hydraulic and mechanical load testing equipment at each of our facilities. We load test every hoist we repair before returning it to the customer. We can also provide intermittent load testing for safety. OSHA requires employers to perform inspections at least annually.